What is the Python DriveNest Client?

2018-09-20 10:39

The Python DriveNest Client  (pyDriveBird) is the open-source SMART data submission client developed and maintained by the DriveNest team. The power of pyDriveBird is that it can be configured to collect SMART data from remote hosts, in addition to local drives. There is no need to install a different client on each machine that has to be monitored. It is also possible to monitor the health of disk drives of multiple disparate networks, or collect SMART data from a private or secure network, that does not have direct access to the Internet.

This client can be used on most systems that python and smartmontools run on, these include Linux, FreeBSD,  NetBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin (Mac OS X), Solaris, OS/2, Cygwin, Windows.

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